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Hydro Bikes are coming!

June 27th, 2014 by

A new craze is set to sweep the waterways of Bonita Springs this summer, and it’s like nothing that’s ever been seen before. Hydro Bikes are coming! We know that the Southwest Florida region is second to none for sports facilities and a dream place to live if you love golf and sailing, as Bonita Springs property and Naples real estate offers the very best in leisure facilities in the great variety of communities here. Now you and your family can have a great time on these new inventions that will certainly make the term ‘messing about on the water’ have a whole new meaning. Hydro Bikes are bicycles that you can ride on the water.

The bikes don’t have wheels at all; instead they have lightweight pontoons that keep you safely afloat while you pedal yourself through the scenic creeks and rivers of Bonita Springs. You sit on the bike seat and hold the handlebars, using the pedals to move backwards and forwards. The bikes are 8 feet long, weigh 120 pounds and have space for a water bottle and a fishing pole.

You can choose from a single seated bike or a side-by-side tandem for a relaxed chat as you head down the river. The introduction of Hydro Bikes to Bonita is down to Steve Riccio and Thomas Vestling, who are exclusive dealers in Hydro Bikes in Southwest Florida. After discovering a company in Minnesota that made the bikes, Steve and Thomas decided that they were just the things to add more fun to Bonita Springs. “This is very exciting,” said Steve Riccio.

“If you can ride an ordinary bike you can ride this.” The bikes are available to buy, but you can also hire them. Steve and Thomas have teamed up with Calusa Ghost Tours to operate rentals in River Park every Sunday. John Paeno, co-owner of Calusa Ghost Tours, believes the bikes will be very successful. “We were trying to fit a niche,” says Paeno. “This is for someone who is not comfortable in a kayak or on a paddleboard.” He added that they were a fun way to get people to come out and have fun on the water.

“Everybody is loving it,” he said. “This way we can bring more stuff to the park.” And the rentals are just the start. John Paeno is planning a series of Hydro Bike races, with the first scheduled to take place on Labor Day on the Imperial River. Sounds like a lot of fun! Another great reason to bring your family to this wonderful little corner of Florida.

With so much family orientated fun going on, good weather, low crime and fabulous neighborhoods like Riverstone to consider, making the move to Southwest Florida makes real sense. It’s not often you find a thriving, busy city that also benefits from an old fashioned sense of neighborliness and community. All this, and the gorgeous Gulf Coastline on your doorstep.

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