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Leave the Cold Weather Behind and Live the Life of Luxury in Naples

October 10th, 2014 by

If you close your eyes and imagine the perfect destination, there’s a good chance that you conjure up images of beautiful white sand beaches, blue skies and warm weather. If you are the kind of person who would prefer to soak up the sun than see another day of snowy weather, then the climate in Naples, Florida might be the ideal place to call home.

Whether you work full-time, have a family or you are getting ready to retire in Naples, the destination really can help you feel like you are having a life of luxury. The following could be a typical day for someone lucky enough to call Naples home.

7 am: Sunrise Walk on the Beach

Numerous studies have shown that staying active is the key to better overall health, weight maintenance and even preventing depression. In cold destinations, getting yourself up and out the door can be a serious challenge.

In Naples, however, there are few things more appealing than greeting the sun each morning. Since Naples is so close to the Gulf of Mexico, you may even have a home within walking distance of one of the many sandy shorelines nearby.

Start the day by rising with the sun and heading outside to enjoy the cool, comfortable weather that is just perfect for a nice walk. You might use this time to reflect on the day, think about upcoming plans or even meet up with friends to chat.

Since most neighborhoods and communities in Naples boast safe sidewalks, walking trails and quick access to the beach, you can feel secure on your daily walks.

9 am: Tee Time

If you are a golf fan, there are few places more appealing than Naples. Sure, the area boasts some of the world’s best golf courses, many of which are championship worthy and designed by top course architects from across the globe.

What really makes the courses so amazing, however, is the fact that they can be utilized year-round.

In many destinations, the green grass fades during the summer, or the temperatures are just too cold during the winter. In Naples, the consistently warm weather means that playing the back nine or even all 18 holes is a possibility on just about every day of the year. New to the sport? You can take lessons from a golf pro or just hit the driving range.

Noon: Lunch in Downtown Naples

One of the best things about living in Naples is having access to the vibrant dining scene in the region. Since Naples is a major tourism destination as well as a melting pot of cultures from around the world, you can find a range of culinary delights within a short walk or drive from your neighborhood.

Downtown Naples is one of the best places to go if you’re feeling hungry because the streets are lined with charming cafes for a quick sandwich or upscale eateries perfect for a delicious meal.

Since you’re so close to the Gulf of Mexico, fresh seafood is a possibility every month of the year. Try a shrimp cocktail to start, or try blackened snapper for something with a little extra heat.

2 pm: Fishing on Naples Pier

After lunch, extend the luxurious, laid-back feel of your day by heading over to the Naples Pier. This iconic pier was built in the 19th century, and it was once used as the main entrance for ships bringing passengers or even dry goods to the area.

The pier is enormous, and it stretches an impressive 1,000 feet over the blue waters of the Gulf. As an added bonus, you don’t need to have a fishing license if you cast off from the pier: the city purchased a mass license so that anyone can fish without worry.

4 pm: Live Jazz Music Concert with Friends

Continue your day of leisure by heading over to one of the many cultural events that is held throughout the week in Naples.

In the summer, for example, the Naples Jazzmasters provide free performances to onlookers at the Norris Community Center. This weekly afternoon event offers exceptional music and a vibrant, festive atmosphere. Go alone to enjoy the jazz or bring a partner to take advantage of the romance.

Since Naples is such a thriving cultural destination, you’ll easily be able to fill up your calendar with opera, ballet, live music and theater productions held throughout the year. While some events do require tickets, many more are free and open to the public.

6 pm: Cocktails at Sunset

Perhaps one of the most dramatic parts of the day, if you’re lucky enough to live in Naples, will the sunset. You’ll be able to face west and watch the sun sink low over the horizon of the Gulf of Mexico, watching the brilliant golds and pinks dance against the shimmering blue water.

The sun rises and sets everywhere, but there are few places where it does so as beautifully as in Naples. If you’re hunting for a piece of property to call your own in Naples, seek out a condo, apartment or home that lets you admire the sunset on a regular basis right from your balcony or living room.

8 pm: Entertaining at Home

After watching a spectacular sunset, make the most of your home in Naples by inviting over a few friends to enjoy a fantastic meal. There are a number of affordable as well as upscale grocery stores and farmer’s markets in the region, so you won’t have any trouble finding wonderful ingredients to work with.

One of the perks of calling Naples home is having a great community of neighbors and friends. Many people come to Naples specifically to take advantage of this inviting atmosphere, and the close-knit communities encourage strong bonds and relationships.

You may move to Naples from the place you currently call home, but you will make friends with similar interests in no time.

10 pm: Reflections on a Day Well Spent

To end the day, think back on how lucky you are to call Naples home. With more than 300 sunny days a year, a warm climate year-round, access to beautiful beaches along the Gulf of Mexico and thriving communities bursting with culture, entertainment, shopping and dining, there is no doubt that Naples is a fantastic place to live.

Even if your day includes running errands or even heading to work in an office, it will feel luxurious because you have some of the world’s most amazing scenery to look at on your commute.

Instead of shoveling snow from your driveway or adding chains to your tires, you can get a tan in January or head to the beach on Christmas. Naples is a fantastic place to live. If you have always wanted to say goodbye to cold weather, head to Naples and soak up the sun year-round.

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