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Top 9 Advantages of Living in Bonita Springs

January 19th, 2015 by

A quick look at a map of Florida will reveal that Bonita Springs, a city with a population of approximately 40,000 people, is located just next to the Gulf of Mexico.

Boasting beach access to the Gulf and the warm weather that is typical in Southwest Florida, Bonita Springs is an increasingly popular spot for tourists from around the world.

While it is easy to spend a few weeks soaking up the sun in Bonita Springs, the city is also a wonderful place to call home. Here are nine of the many advantages to living in Bonita Springs, Florida.

1. Marvelous Winter Weather

When discussing the perks of living in Bonita Springs, or truly anywhere in Southwest Florida, it is impossible not to mention the weather. During the summer, the high temperatures are perfect for splashing in the pool or heading to the beach.

The winter, however, is when the local climate is truly at its best. Days are warm and sunny, there is little rain from November through March, and the temperatures are perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities. There is no way to get around it: winter in Bonita Springs is just about perfect.

2. Ideally Situated for Commuters

While many of the people who choose to relocate to places like Bonita Springs are retired, and therefore don’t need to be overly concerned with things like finding a full-time job or commuting to work, those who are still working should make that a concern.

Bonita Springs has many employment opportunities, but it is also ideally situated between Fort Myers and Naples, creating an easy commute in either direction along the coast. U.S. 41 goes north and south from Bonita Springs to provide a quick route wherever your place of employment might be.

3. Less Touristy Than Some Coastal Florida Cities

When choosing a coastal destination to call home, some potential residents are concerned that a large tourism industry will detract from the community spirit.

While Bonita Springs does attract some tourists and part-time winter residents, it is a lot less touristy than many other Florida cities. This means that traffic, a problem in places like Miami and Orlando, will be less of a concern in Bonita Springs.

That being said, you’ll still be close to the great tourist-friendly beaches and attractions a few miles away in places like Naples, Florida.

4. Excellent Environment for Small Businesses

Whether you are planning to open a small business, relocate your business to Bonita Springs or you just want to support independent companies rather than chain corporations, this destination in Southwest Florida is the ideal spot.

The Bonita Springs Economic Development Council encourages new businesses to the area, provides resources on tax regulations and helps start-ups thrive. For this reason, there are many new types of businesses operating in Bonita Springs in fields like aviation, hospitality, retail and even eco-friendly construction and architecture.

5. Unlimited Outdoor Opportunities

As you might imagine, many of the people who move to Bonita Springs do so for the opportunity to spend more time outdoors.

Since the climate offers warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine year-round, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of parks and fitness facilities designed to make the most of that.

There are piers where you can spend the morning fishing, there are miles of paved walking and jogging trails and there are beaches where you can make a splash.

Whether you want to play tennis, golf, kayak, ride horses, take outdoor yoga classes, learn to surf, sail or anything in between, you’ll have the opportunity to do so if you live in Bonita Springs.

6. Countless Home Types in the Area

One of the real advantages of living in Bonita Springs is that you can find a home that truly fits your idea of perfect place.

Whether you want to raise a family on a quiet street, you want to find a house next to a golf course so that tee times are convenient or you want an affordable condo as close as possible to the beach, all these options are found in Bonita Springs.

High-rise condos, waterfront properties and more, in almost every price range, can be found when you have the right agent to help you with the property search.

7. Safe Place to Call Home

Safety should always be a big concern when it comes to finding the perfect place to call home, and Bonita Springs certainly won’t disappoint on that front. Crime rates in Bonita Springs are quite low, especially for a city of its size.

Part of the low crime rate may be due to the feeling that Bonita Springs is a collection of neighborhoods.

Many residents feel a sense of pride about where they live and want to ensure that it stays attractive for years to come. Of the crime that does occur, much of it is non-violent, which is typical of safer communities.

8. Lots Of Activities for Families With Children

Although Florida does have a reputation for being home to snowbirds and retirees who come for the incredible weather, Bonita Springs is also a very family-oriented destination.

There are many communities filled with families and there is definitely no shortage of attractions for kids. From playgrounds to lifeguard-manned beaches, kids and their parents will be able to spend summers soaking up the sun without ever facing that dreaded feeling of boredom.

Plus, Bonita Springs is perfectly situated for family road trips throughout Florida.

What could be more fun, after all, than a day trip to the Everglades to ride an airboat and spot alligators or a day of spotting Mickey Mouse at the world-famous Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando?

9. Diverse and Culturally-Aware Population

Finally, it is important to understand why Bonita Springs is uniquely different from other destinations along the coastline of Florida.

Since it attracts retirees and visitors from around the world, the city is diverse, allowing individuals to meet people from all walks of life. In addition, there are many cultural attractions that up the sophistication level of the city and rival what is found in much larger urban areas.

For example, the Bonita Springs Concert Band offers free weekly concerts, on Saturdays at the Band Shell in Riverside Park, to encourage a love of music among residents.

From museums to historical landmarks to live theater performances, you can easily find culture-rich ways to pass the time in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Living in Bonita Springs certainly has its perks. If you are wowed by the weather, the amenities and the welcoming way of life that this city has to offer, then finding your dream home in Bonita Springs, Florida, should definitely be a consideration for your future.

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