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Bonita Springs Florida Homes

Boasting beach access to the Gulf and the warm weather that is typical in Southwest Florida, Bonita Springs and Estero are an increasingly popular spot for home buyers. While it is easy to spend a few weeks soaking up the sun in a Bonita Springs home or an Estero home, the city is also a wonderful place to call home and there are many options to choose from when buying a home in Bonita or Estero.

When discussing the perks of buying a home in Bonita Springs Florida and a home in Estero Florida it is impossible not to mention the weather. During the summer, the high temperatures are perfect for splashing in the pool or heading to the beach.

A Bonita Springs beach home is something many folks are buying. The winter is when the local climate is truly at its best. Many snowbirds come this time of year to enjoy their beautiful Estero home. Days are warm and sunny. There is little rain from November through March, and the temperatures are perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Within the gated neighborhoods in Bonita and Estero there is a wide variety of homes to choose from and enjoy the weather. There is no way to get around it, winter in Bonita Springs and Estero is just about perfect.

Bonita Springs and Estero have many employment opportunities. You might be looking to buy your new home in Bonita Springs that is close to 75 with access in either direction. Bonita & Estero are ideally situated between Naples and Fort Myers creating an easy drive in either direction along the coast. U.S. 41 goes north and south from Bonita Springs and Estero to provide a quick route wherever your may be wanting to go. It is easy to find the perfect home either in Bonita Springs or Estero Florida.

While Bonita Springs does attract some tourists and part-time winter residents, it is a lot less touristy than many other Florida cities. That’s why residents in Bonita and Estero look to the Bonita Springs & Estero quiet neighborhoods when they are considering buying a home here.

This means that traffic will be less of a concern in Bonita Springs and Estero Florida. That being said, you’ll still be close to the great tourist-friendly beaches and attractions a few miles away. And the beaches in Bonita offer a number of options to buy a home.

One of the real advantages of living in Bonita Springs or Estero is that you can find a home that truly fits your idea of a perfect place. Whether you want to find an Estero home next to a golf course, or you want an Bonita Springs home as close as possible to the beach, all these options are found in Bonita Springs and Estero.

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