Naples Communities

There are many communities to choose from in Naples Florida.  Whether or not you have spent a substantial amount of time exploring The Naples area, you probably already know the highlights.  This part of Florida boasts unparalleled warm weather, access to some of the most attractive beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, a friendly atmosphere and a variety of Naples communities to choose from.  However, it is important to note that there are a number of unique neighborhoods found throughout the Naples Florida area. Whether you choose a Naples Community in North Naples or Downtown Naples will all depend on your lifestyle choices.

When it comes to buying property in Naples in one of our beautiful neighborhoods, the beach is a major draw for many potential residents.  It is important to be realistic about how important access to the beach really is for you.  Communities in Naples that are close to the beach will be pricer so you will pay a premium to be able to watch the sunset over the water.  All kinds of folks move to the Naples area and are looking for a Naples Community that will work for their lifestyle.  Throughout Naples you’ll find an exciting mix of young single professionals, families with children, couples and retirees.  

Some of the factors that could influence which Naples Community is right for is how you feel about close neighbors.  There are all kinds of neighborhoods in Naples where you can easily meet your neighbors and enjoy afternoon cocktail parties.  You should also think about whether you want to live in a smaller community where residents interact often and are a part of a homeowners association.  This can encourage community spirit and make the entire Naples community feel more inclusive.  

If you are moving the area with young children then you will have a unique set of lifestyle factors that might influence which community in Naples you choose.  Ideally, you will be able to find a neighborhood that feels safe and is home to a number of other families.  This allows your children to easily make friends and utilize community amenities like a swimming pool. a playground or a clubhouse.  If your life involves spending lots of time at home and your hobbies include things like gardening or cooking, then deciding on a Naples Community with larger homes could give you the greatest overall happiness.  Conversely, there are many people who have a busy lifestyle that leaves them little time at home.  Maybe one of our neighborhoods in Naples with a number of maintenance free condos would be a better fit for you.  


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