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Kids Will Love Naples Waterfront Properties

Here are five of the top reasons that kids will love living in Naples waterfront property.

You probably already know that Naples makes a solid investment when it comes to property values and resale potential.

With breathtaking scenery, a number of amazing outdoor activities, a warm climate throughout much of the year and friendly community living, it’s easy to see why adults would choose Naples as their vacation destination or retirement location.

Children, however, will love Naples just as much. Here are five of the top reasons that kids will love living in Naples waterfront property.

1. The Naples Zoo

This incredible zoo is one of the best in all of Florida, and kids will love the variety of animals that they can meet just minutes from home.

Parents will love the animals, but they will also appreciate the historical botanic garden that is attached to the Naples Zoo and included in every admission ticket.

2. Water Recreation Year-Round

As you might have guessed, one of the perks of living in waterfront property in Naples is having the opportunity to be in the canals or in the ocean in just minutes.

Imagine spending the day with your family on a boat in December or laying out by the coast in February. In Naples, that is possible.

3. Family-Friendly Museums

Not all museums are interesting for children, but Naples is home to several that will capture the interest of visitors at any age.

A few of the many options include the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples, the Naples Depot Museum, the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum and the Imaginarium.

4. Plenty of Families

There is a common misconception that Naples is primarily home to retirees and families on vacation.

While there are certainly plenty of both, the city of Naples is also a top destination for families with children.

Moving to the area can mean your children have the chance to make friends in the neighborhood and enjoy real community living.

5. Countless Amusement Parks

There is no denying that kids love amusement parks.

If you live in Naples, you will have King Richard’s Fun Park and Sun-n-Fun Lagoon right at your doorstep.

You can also enjoy day trips to Universal Studios, Wet N’ Wild and Walt Disney World Resort.

It is clear to see that kids living on Naples waterfront property will have countless things to do, see and explore.

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