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6 Things That Might Surprise You About Naples Waterfront Property

Here are six fantastic facts that highlight the appeal of Naples waterfront property.

Here are six fantastic facts that highlight the appeal of Naples waterfront property.

Everyone knows that Naples boasts a nearly-perfect climate, beautiful scenery and some of the most desirable homes in Florida, but there are still a few things that could surprise you.

1. Prices Can Fit Into Any Budget

There is a common misconception that only those with millions of dollars to spare can afford to purchase property along the water in Naples.

Fortunately, that certainly is not the truth.

The reality is that waterfront property comes in a variety of sizes, and there may be an apartment, condo or home that fits perfectly into your financial plan.

2. Waterfront Property Has Rental Potential

If investing in waterfront property is a plan for retirement or a second home, you might be surprised to learn that the property can make you money when it is not in use.

Vacation properties can be rented short-term when not being used by the owner, and you can rent out your retirement properties long-term until you are able to relocate there permanently.

3. Community Spirit is Alive and Well

Naples may be popular with singles and retirees, but it is still an incredibly community-minded destination.

From community centers to neighborhood parties, it is easy to meet those who live nearby and feel connected to the community in a real way in many of the waterfront subdivisions in Naples.

4. Relaxing Lifestyles Are Better For Your Health

Those with high blood pressure or heart problems might already know that stress is a factor, and living on the beach can be the antidote.

Imagine waking up crashing waves along the shoreline or enjoying the glowing red sunset right from your balcony.

5. Living Space is Unlimited in the Great Outdoors

It is important to remember that when buying waterfront property in Naples, you are actually getting an extra room for free: The great outdoors!

Warm weather throughout the year means that spending time in nature is always a possibility.

6. Collier County’s School System is Fantastic

Those with children will be pleased to note that the public school system, which is run by Collier County, is routinely ranked as one of the best within the entire state of Florida.


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