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Naples, Florida, is one of the wealthiest cities in the state and is located along the Gulf of Mexico.

Naples, Florida, is one of the wealthiest cities in the state and is located along the Gulf of Mexico.

By combining warm weather with impressive attractions and amenities, it is easy to see the appeal of this destination to residents.

If you’re thinking seriously about moving to Naples and buying a place of your own, then you should get familiar with the top 10 advantages of living in Naples.

1. Extraordinary Beaches

One of the biggest perks that Naples residents get to enjoy is having access to the beautiful beaches along the Gulf Coast.

Naples is located right on the water, sharing a shoreline with the Gulf of Mexico.

There are also canals that link the city’s waterways to the nearby beaches. Whether you enjoy swimming, surfing, sailing or fishing, it is all possible at one of the many beaches in Naples.

Top spots to cool off and hit the water include Clam Pass Park and Vanderbilt Beach.

2. Low Crime Rates

Safety is a major concern wherever you live, but the good news is that Naples, Florida, is an incredibly safe place to call home.

In fact, crime rates are lower in Naples than in most other cities in Florida, and the crimes that do occur tend to be non-violent.

Whether you are planning to take long vacations away from your place in Naples, you want to raise a family in the area or you just want to rest easy knowing that you, your loved ones and your belongings are secure, Naples is the ideal place to call home.

3. World-Class Dining Destination

Florida is a unique place to dine because many local restaurants blend a variety of cuisines.

In Naples, you can find down-home Southern fare in the form of fried chicken, collard greens and cornbread, but you can also find upscale French cuisine created by European chefs.

Whether you are in the mood for a quick bite to eat in a cafe overlooking the water or a romantic spot where you can wine and dine a loved one, Naples has everything that you might desire.

Since tourism is a big economy in Naples, there are more restaurants that you might expect, and they cater to all tastes as well as all budgets.

4. Gateway City to Major Florida Attractions

Another perk to living in Naples is having access to a range of nearby cities and attractions in the state.

Florida is known for its gorgeous beaches, the Kennedy Space Center, the breathtaking Art Deco architecture of Miami’s South Beach and a whole range of amusement parks in Orlando.

Whether your dream weekend getaway includes the nightlife of Miami or a family-filled day at Disney, Naples’ location means you can quickly and easily get to nearly any Florida destination without a hassle.

5. Unbeatable Weather

It is certainly no secret that in Florida, the seasons are a little different from what you’ll find in the rest of the continental United States.

Summers are hot and humid, with occasional afternoon rain, and winters are warm, clear and sunny.

It is hard to imagine a more perfect place to spend the winter, especially if you dislike things like chaining your tires for the snow, shoveling your driveway early each morning or spending a fortune on jackets, hats, gloves and scarves.

Having great weather throughout the year is definitely one of the biggest reasons that people from around the world flock to Southwest Florida and to Naples in particular.

6. Countless Opportunities for Outdoor Recreation

Thanks in large part to the comfortable, warm weather throughout the year, Naples is a haven for those who enjoy spending time outdoors.

There is a tremendous amount of infrastructure to encourage outdoor recreation, and residents can easily find a local golf course, swimming pool, cycling trail or walking path that meets their needs.

Naples is the ideal spot to pick up a new hobby like fishing, jogging, sailing or even tennis thanks to the plentiful facilities that abound throughout the region for athletes.

7. Amazing Shopping

Naples offers plenty of fantastic souvenir shopping destinations for visitors, but locals also appreciate the array of options available.

In Olde Naples, head to Fifth Avenue South for several boutique shops that sell everything from local art to bespoke clothing.

Nearby, on Third Street South, you can find more than 100 shops, all of which are easily accessible to pedestrians as well as drivers.

Other great places to scoop up bargains, do some everyday shopping or splurge on upscale purchases include the Waterside Shops, the Miromar Outlets and the Venetian Village Shops, all of which are less than 15 minutes away from Downtown Naples by car.

8. Impressive Medical Facilities

A significant percentage of the people who come to Naples, Florida, as full-time residents are retirees; so the medical facilities in the area are truly top-notch.

There are several large hospitals as well as dozens of smaller private practices, clinics and pharmacies to meet any medical need you may have.

Nearby Ft. Myers, a larger coastal city just north of Naples, is also home to highly-ranked hospitals that are just a short drive away, should you want to explore alternative options.

Most local hospitals accept a range of insurance policies to ensure that residents get the care they need affordably and without any inconvenience.

9. Friendly and Welcoming Residents

Great dining, beaches and weather aside, there is something that really makes Naples a uniquely appealing place to call home.

The local population is a blend of cultures, and that diversity means that you can find an endless number of people to befriend.

Rather than living in isolation, many Naples residents take time to get to know one another, making neighborhoods feel safer as well as more welcoming. 

The melting pot of Naples attracts people from around the world, so you’ll feel right at home no matter where you might be from.

10. Affordable Properties in Paradise

If Naples sounds too good to be true, think again. One of the biggest advantages to living in Naples, Florida, is the affordable property for sale.

Although a beachfront home in Naples will be more expensive than an inland property of the same size, it is still much more affordable than many other East or West Coast destinations.

An apartment in New York City or Boston could easily be valued at the same price as a four-bedroom home in the Naples area.

Whether you want a condo, a sprawling house on a golf course or an apartment close to Downtown Naples, you can find something that fits into your budget.

Naples, Florida, may be best-known as an upscale tourist destination, but it is also a wonderful and surprisingly affordable place to call home.

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